Mighty Matcha green tea review

A tin of mighty matcha green tea

One cup of Mighty Matcha contains 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea.

Made from 100% purely ground green tea leaves, Mighty Matcha is one of the healthiest natural drinks. 100% natural, no gimmicks, just pure super tea.

Mighty Matcha boasts to have metabolism boosting effects, its energising and calming, rich in antioxidants and even promotes healthy skin.

All sounds great, so I have decided to give up my usual cappuccino fuelled day, and will be replacing my coffee(s) with this new “Super Tea”

So what makes Mighty Matcha such a special tea, well first thing is the location of where it is grown.

Yame in Japan is renowned for its tea growing and is arguable the best region in the world!

Natural sweet Mighty Matcha uses only “Ceremonial Grade” tea leaves, and is reported to be one of the favourite teas of the Buddhist monks.

Health and weight-loss benefits have long been associated with Green Tea, and nowadays everyone has heard of “Antioxidants”

Mighty Matcha really is rich in antioxidants… In fact one study showed that Matcha contains 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea
Here is a list of other health benefits often associated with Green Tea

Defends against cardiovascular disease
Lowers cholesterol
Lowers blood sugar levels
Reduces high blood pressure
Increases energy
Alleviates joint pain
Has a thermogenic fat burning effect
Aids against aging
Rejuvenates skin
Protects against infection
Detoxifies & cleanse
Protects & soothe the gastrointestinal system
Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease
Prevents cavities & gum disease
Fights the flu virus


Mighty Matcha Review
For the purpose of this review I will be giving up my regular tea and coffee consumption for the week, and instead will be replacing all hot drinks with Mighty Matcha.

The First thing I notice about the “Tin” is the design and style, this is the same simple stylish design used on the main website http://www.mightymatcha.com

(There is definitely an “innocent smoothie” kind of feel to the design and concept of this product and in doing so it feels like a quality product in my opinion)

Once you take off the lid there is a really nice ring pull opener and again this adds to the quality feel of the product..

Making the Tea

The tea making instructions are pretty simple;
Add 1/4 tsp of Mighty Matcha to warm water, whisk until frothy.

The tea is in bright green powder form and mixes well with the just boiled water, and it does create a nice froth.

Once cooled down a little I have a few sips, now to be honest I don’t normally like green tea that much… I usually find it has quite a bitter taste.

My taste buds are pleasantly surprised and the Matcha does have a subtle sweetness that I would not normally associate with green tea.

Don’t get me wrong this is not the same sweetness as my cappuccino with 2 sugars but I think we all know which one is probably better for my waist line!!

The Price

At the moment the tea is being sold at a discounted rate and is now available to buy online for £19.99 for a 30g tin, this makes approx 30 cups.

Some quick mathematics show each cup of Mighty Matcha would cost about 66p compared to say “Tetley Green Tea with lemon” that works out about 10p per bag..

To me it does seem a bit expensive but I guess as always you pay for what you get and if one cup of matcha is equivalent to approx 10 cups of normal green tea then I guess its a bargin :)

So as mentioned above I will keep drinking my Matcha this week and keep you posted on my thoughts…. now its time for another brew!!

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  • Michelle roberts

    I have bought some tea today as I am interested to see in the results. Are you mixing it with any other drinks? Or drinking on its own? How much are you drinking per cup, half, full?

  • Tess

    I have been drinking matcha since the new year and completely love it. I feel more energised and my skin is brighter and healthier. Even the ritual of making each cup is a pleasure. I am generally very sceptical about any product that claims to be so amazing, but this one really is!

  • John Vo

    I love this tea. been using it to start my day for the past year. definitely one of the best tea’s.

    • http://fitnessblogger.net/members/fitnessblogger/ James Davis

      Thanks John :)

  • http://catfoodisgoodforyou.com Cat

    I love matcha! Yes the price is pretty high but it does
    last me a long time. I don’t always make tea with it though, it’s
    great in muffins and I recently made fudge with it!

    • http://fitnessblogger.net/members/fitnessblogger/ The Fitness Blogger

      Matcha muffins sound great… Have you got a recipe ??

  • Jay

    Great blog; alot of solid information here. I take Matcha myself so I know the awesome health benefits.

  • Jess

    So? What were the results? Been drinking Tea a Pigs Matcha for about a week. Def feel better!

  • Tiffany

    James what were your results??

    • http://fitnessblogger.net/ The Fitness Blogger

      Hey Tiffany I really enjoyed trying out this Matcha and I lasted a few weeks without having a coffee… I am now back to drinking a coffee in the morning…. but I no longer have sugar so that’s a good thing :)

  • Tiffany

    What did the tea do for you? Benefit wise.

  • Proloa

    Thanks for answering James. Was interested in that too.