Mobium Elite V2 Review

Mobium Elite V2

Whether you are tackling a marathon or going for a brisk jog in the park, there is a huge variety of trainers to choose from and with technologies ever advancing, choosing the right trainer for you can often be a marathon in itself.

Mobium Elite

The Mobium V2 Elite is a product of two years of intense research and development looking into every detail of the technology and materials included in the trainer and exactly how the foot moves and adapts when running.

I would not describe myself as a serious runner, but I will run most days alternating between long road runs and pounding the treadmill at the gym. I am also in constant training for charity runs and numerous half marathons; it is therefore extremely important for my trainers not only to be comfortable, but to give me plenty of support.

My first impressions when opening the package were very positive. The style and colour of the trainers looked very smart, stylish and the pink/purple colour combination fits perfectly with the current trend of loud/bright fitness footwear.  Puma have a whole range of other colours available which the full list can be found on their website.

Sophie wearing MobiumsI was sceptical with trialling the trainers at first because my current trainers were matched to my specific running style by a speciallised running shop.

The Mobium V2 Elite trainer is designed for mid-to-forefront strikers which adapts to the expansion and contraction of the foot to encourage efficiency and mid foot striking.  This thankfully works with my personal running style so I was more than happy to give them a go.

The shoe includes a ‘Mobium Band’ which is exclusive to Puma. This is an elastic band that runs through the bottom of the shoe in a figure of 8.  The more force that is applied to the trainer, the more spring is returned – so it really does add a spring in your step!

The top part of the trainer is made from a lightweight, breathable AirMesh material which I feel makes the overall experience of the run more comfortable. On a few occasions I have really felt the wind cut through the mesh which may be an issue for some users but I found this to be relatively refreshing myself.

The main downside I found to this technology is that the shoe is not very good if you find yourself in a muddy field with long wet grass as I experienced over the weekend, not a pleasant experience! I immediately put these in the washing machine and was so surprised to find the shoes were completely dry and looked brand new after putting them outside for an hour – a clear example of the quality of material that Puma have used.

Another technology Puma have included with this trainer is expansion pods which are noticeable on the sole of the trainer. Puma has put a lot of research into this by looking at the bones and the fat pads on our feet to make sure there is cushioning, protection and flexibility in these key areas. I am very impressed with the trainers from Puma and have permanently added the shoe to my favourite trainers which I use on a weekly basis.

The Verdict
The Mobium V2 Elite trainers are streamlined, lightweight and most importantly extremely comfortable.  The trainer really does fit like a glove, almost like a second skin. If you prefer a looser feel to your trainers, you are able to easily remove the 6mm sock liner and replace this with one of smaller depth.   The trainer has great flexibility and seems to conform to the natural movement of the foot whilst still providing fantastic cushioning.

Mobium by Puma

Although this does not affect the usage of the running trainer, Puma has kept right up to date with the available colours so those fashionable amongst us can still look trendy! They have even added a line of reflective material for low light/night-time runs.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced shoe and you are a more of a neutral runner then I would really recommend these trainers.



Susan Partridge Puma Ambassador and the leading Brit in the 2013 IAAF World Championships marathon in Moscow and the fastest British female at the 2013 Virgin London Marathon with a personal best of 2:30:46 discusses why she likes new women’s Mobium Elite V2.

Susan trains over shorter distances in the new Mobium Elite V2, launched last month. The women’s Mobium V2 adapts to the foot as it moves, expanding and contracting as the foot naturally does in stride. The women’s style contains lightweight breathable mesh with synthetic overlays alongside a new upper fit system for a secure fit. The Mobium Band, inspired by the foot’s tendons, is an elasticized band that runs through the outsole.

Price / Stockist: Mobium Elite V2- RRP: £85 / Stockist:

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